A love for soccer

So I’ve been kicking around some thoughts, and have decided I need to actually throw them out there. See, I’ve been reading how Americans don’t like soccer, and how they never will. Even to the point of they shouldn’t, as this is the downfall of America… And all I can think is, “Ugh.”

I have played this game since I was in the 3rd grade (and that was a long time ago…). I played through high school, and into college. My love for this game is deep. I will be honest to say I’m not a huge fan of watching… it makes me want to play! I want to be out on the grass. I want to feel the ball in my hands (I have played keep since 9th grade) or at my feet. I want on the field! Not because I think I’m all that and a bag of chips, but because I love this game.

In high school, I was not a fan of football. AT. ALL. Then I started dating a guy who actually played football, and my world opened up. I began to learn what it meant to play football. I began to understand the calls. The drive. The skill. The effort. I began to appreciate what it takes to play football. And I began to enjoy it. I don’t play football, but I have a love for the game today I would not have had. (Thank you M.D. for taking the time to teach me.)

Golf has always been boring to me. Until the last couple years, when my husband has been learning the game. I’m now starting to appreciate all it takes to put that little ball into that hole. I am enjoying his love of the game, and learning to enjoy watching how the stance matters. How little tweaks effect where the ball goes. And I am enjoying taking a swing or two…

My point? You have to understand something to appreciate it. To learn to like it, you need to know what’s going on. To understand the skill that goes into weaving a ball through other bodies, from one goal to the other. To see the chess like beauty of give and take as teammates work together to get the ball to finally fall into the net. This is not brute force. You can’t run people over. You can’t hit them. This is a game of finesse. Of quick touches, curving balls and well timed placement. Of keepers conducting a symphony being played in grassy, sweaty notes.

You think it’s easy? You think it’s boring? I would challenge you to play a season. Or at least talk to someone who does. Begin to understand what it means to be off sides. Or how hard it is to actually hit the ball with your head. Will you love it? Maybe. Maybe not. But I bet that you would appreciate the beauty of it more than you do now.

And you might even enjoy it!


Newest Addition

So… it’s been a while since I’ve posted much of anything… or really, since I’ve posted anything. Guess it’s time to come clean…

Part of the reason I haven’t posted has been the fact that I am always… ALWAYS tired these days. And I’ve been nauseous… very nauseous… Which is not easy to deal with when you have four under 10… Yes, I am pregnant. The only time I was really nauseous was with my first… and a little with my second… read with both of my boys. The girls were much easier on me. Does this mean another Bradshaw boy???? We’ll know in August.

There ya have it… The newest Bradshaw will be here on November 30… yes, I know what day… we have scheduled c-sections. As I get more energy, I hope to get back to posting more often.

Santa in August

We got up a bit late this morning, not a great start to our time with the in-laws! After a couple false starts, we got on the road for real… only 2 hrs later than we had thought… not too bad. With the short drive, we were here by lunch time and after grabbing lunch, in the park by 2ish.

We are in Dale, IN… the middle of a bunch of corn fields. Really… this water/amusement park, a Denny’s, a hotel and town folk are the only thing out here… that’s not a corn field. For a warm summer day, there were not very many people here…oh, yeah, it’s Friday… I bet we are swarmed tomorrow.

I am thinking about my friend, KC, today… see her daughters tried to bring her shopping for her birthday a couple of years ago…this park is called Holiday World, and it’s in Santa Clause, IN… KC loves her holidays! And it would be a great place to shop for Christmas stuff… except it’s a theme park… the rides are all named some type of 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving kind of name. And there’s not much else here, so to be here in the off season… well, let’s just say there wasn’t much for the ladies to do.

So, KC… bring the grandkids during the summer. They would love it! And, for a theme park, they have some very cool food things… like unlimited, free soft drinks all day long. NO, really… stop laughing, ‘cuz I’m not kidding. They have Pepsi (another bonus) Oasis set all over the park. You walk in, grab a cup, ice, and drink and out the door. They’re set up like any restaurant where you can get your own drink. To top it off, even the food price is not too bad… the in-laws ate there yesterday… four adults for $20. Wow!

I will put pix up… probably after we get home ‘cuz I’m just too tired right now. I’ve got 5 people asleep in this hotel room, and I need to do the same. I’m having a senior moment… and I’m much too young for those… I know there were some great things said.. I am just not remembering them right now… Maybe tomorrow…