Old dog learns new tricks

My DH never fails to impress me. See, not only is T a car guy, he’s also a gamer. Video games, computer games, I don’t think he’s meet one he didn’t like… well, maybe one 😉

He has, over the last four or five years, started thinking about all the time he has put into games. Sort of a what-if-I-had-done-something-else-with-my-time- where-would-I-be-now kinda thinking… Now he’s watching those two sweet boys start that path of I-want-to-play-games-right-now, and he’s seeing a different road, one much less traveled these days. One where balance is learned at an early age. One where God given talents are honed rather than left idle. One where a father says do what I didn’t know I could do. And he’s guiding them down that road.

He’s even seen the need to spend one on one time with each child over the weekends (ok, maybe K is too young, but the other three). He seems to be less overwhelmed by it, and more determined to do it.

Forget the village idiots, it takes a FATHER to raise a child.


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