Sudden Storms

We are at my parents for this beautiful 4th of July in MO. Yesterday we spent some time outside at the baby pool with K and S, while the boys were running around with water guns getting Papa wet… and anyone else who got in there way. It was sunny and warm… a good afternoon.

When K got tired of the water, we got everyone back into the house, dried off and some down for naps. As we worked on all of this, the sky got darker… and suddenly it opened up and poured on us… well, the house we were all safely dry in.

The wind whipped all around us… even knocked the porch swing over. The rain was heavy and there was hail involved, too. My dad, sitting at the computer and watching out the window said rhetorically, “Wow, look at that… hail and everything… Where did that hail come from?”

J, sitting behind Papa playing, said, “From hell?”

 photo by Grandma 😉


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