Family Pix

My grandpa will be 90 next month. Wow… I can’t begin to think about all he has seen and lived through. To celebrate, my cousin and aunt are putting together a bunch of photos from his lifetime. Which means I am going through mine… I thought you might enjoy a couple.

Dad’s need to be fun… T does this well… here he is messing with J:

Little S, the boys were thrilled to have a little sister… even at 20 months and two weeks shy of 5, my boys were very protective!

K is great-grandchild number 24! (Number 23 was born 2 hours before she was!)

It’s good to look back at a blessed life. I am so thankful for all I have been graced with. Truly, it is beyond words. I don’t know what being 90 will be like, but I am grateful for a Grandpa who does!


3 thoughts on “Family Pix

  1. Actually… 25 was born about 3 months after K was. And now, his first great-great-grandchild was born last month. Crazy… my cousin is a grandpa… and he’s only 2 years older than we are… but THAT’S another blog…

  2. I finally read it. Thanks! I needed a good laugh this morning. I know first hand of the funny things that S says. She cracks me up to! I think it’s a combination of what she says with the animation in her face and her little tiny voice. She’s soooo silly! And the thing about J saying hail came from hell was hilarious. Can’t wait to read more!

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