Kings and Queens of Bubbles and Sand

I believe we have a builder or engineer on our hands… something creative anyway…

The building begins..

While at the beach, while his brother and sister were playing in the water, his youngest sister eat sand, J built these incredible sand castles. I mean, really, what kid do you know that puts a working waterfall into their sand castle? People walking the beach would stop to watch for a few minutes. There are pictures… just not on my camera. I know, BAD MOMMY!!!! I will put them up when I get copies.

S, ever the water baby, had a good time with Daddy in the ocean. I think Daddy had a good time, too.

Along with everything else this week, the girls also got to do their first bubble bath together. They had a great time…


One thought on “Kings and Queens of Bubbles and Sand

  1. I can’t wait to see the sand castle pics. My kids had no interest in sand castles outside of crushing them. I was disappointed – I thought it would be fun to build one. Oh well, maybe next time.

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