Beauty of words

Seems nearly every day I need a reminder of the power in words. There is a resadue left from everything we say. This morning I have seen it in a small conversation from several weeks ago.

I believe we had the kids out late a couple nights in a row. I said something to S about looking tired. The boys went a step farther, “yeah, she does look tired.”

“Yeah, she has beanbags under her eyes,” said G.

This morning S was talking about my mom and looking at me, “You have pink lips like Grandma.”

“So do you,” I told her.

“Where?” I pointed to them. “Oh. Do I have beanbags under my eyes?”

My three year old remembered what her brothers said several weeks ago. She remembered it being an undesirable idea. I must remember what I say and how I say it are two very important concepts.


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