A teenager in the house?

Not yet, but sometimes I feel like it… or at least a 3 year old going on 13… oh so sassy! Sometimes it’s a growl when she’s not happy about something, sometimes it’s just being stubborn. With the new floors, I thought it might be good to get the kids house slippers… sometimes even simple tasks are NOT easy!

I found the ones for S first. She just HAD to have them, and for whatever reason, it took some convincing for her to understand we WERE buying them, but I needed to pick out the boys. This required her to sit… I guess that’s too much for a 3 year old. By the time we left, I was grumpy!

Since then she has told me how much she loves them and thank you several times. Yesterday morning was no exception… until she started asking where we got them.

“At a store Honey.”

“No, at the mall,” she put her hands on her hips…

“Yes, in a store at the mall.”

“No… AT the mall. Momma.” and she turned around and left… apperantly in her mind there is NO store at the mall… it’s just the mall… Walmart and Target are stores… but the MALL is something else, and she was having NOTHING to do with any other thought.

Then this morning, standing in front of a closet FULL of pretty things… S said, “I have nothing to wear!”

My only hope is that since she’s 13 now, in ten years she’ll be 23… Right???


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