S is big on “you sit by me” like most kids her age… different people different days, but someone MUST sit by her… except what she means is… almost touching by her… not the normal sit-in-the chair-beside-me. No, she means the chairs must be RIGHT by each other… so if she is around the corner of the table, she must move her chair around to your side.

Today it was K she want to “sit by me.” Only for her to be happy, K’s high chair had to be almost touching her seat AND with K facing her. That made it tough to get the food on her tray fast enough and still make sure it wasn’t too hot and get it cut before little hands were after it.

Then, in a moment of Mommy’s-sleep-deprived, I moved the chair to face me… oh goodness! “NO, K sit beside me!” She is beside you, Honey… I need to have her this way. “OH, I don’t mind,” she huffed and crossed her arms… clearly she minded. So I pushed K a bit closer to S, while keeping K facing me and asked if that was good enough.

“Yes, now I can blow for her!” Ah… S just wanted to feel like she was helping K. Sisters are a good thing!


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