What Reflection?

I’ve got some friends who do not believe as I do. So I’ve been thinking about the way it seems people see Jesus. And it bugs me! To look at something and KNOW it’s the truth, it’s hard to understand how someone else can look at it and NOT know.

So I’ve given it some thought. And last night it hit me… If you are talking to someone who has NO idea who Elvis Presley is, what do you do? Do you take them to Vegas and show them the Elvis impersonators? I think not! You don’t want their first taste of Elvis to be some one’s take on him.

No, you want them to feel the soul in his voice, to hear the rich tones and be moved by the energy he had. You pull out your MP3 player and crank “Jailhouse Rock” or “All Shook Up.” Maybe even toss in some tenderness and play “Love Me Tender” or “Always On My Mind.” Then you pull out the dvds and show them his fun side. You can go on line and pull up tons of photos of that crooked smile. There’s so much out there that give people a glimpse what Elvis was like.

It’s a bit harder to do with Jesus. There’s no MP3s of the things He said… but they are recorded in a book. There’s no movie of the miracles he did… but they still happen today if you look for them. There’s no pictures of his handy work… but if you look out side you can still see it.

Yes, I know people look at each other… but sometimes that is every bit as crazy as calling an impersonator Elvis. They can get close… but other times they are just crazy. That’s the way Christians are… sometimes you fine one who is really trying to live as He said, and does a good job of reflecting Jesus to those around him. But there are others who call themselves Christians who are just crazy. All I’m saying is know who you are looking at… and don’t judge the real thing by those who are impersonating. Your reflection will be clear as mud then.

What are you reflecting?


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