Hair cut

Sometimes I think I have nothing to post, and so I work hard at coming up with one… anything… just to keep writing. I finally had one this morning, and posted… and now I’ve been handed another… I got very tired of K waking up with hair in her face today… it’s really bad when she has a cold, and the hair sticks to the nose…

kbedhead kbedhead2

So I got out the sissors and did a quick trim just to keep it out of her eyes a bit.

khaircut khaircut2

Then I made my mistake… when will I learn??? I went to the bathroom… and left the sissors sitting right there on the ottoman, where a big sister could find them… You can see where this is going, can’t you??? Here’s what I came back to, with S saying “I just wanted it out of her eyes!”:

khaircut3 khaircut4

Oh… I am so sorry, K!!! Next time we’ll just go to Snipits!


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