Wall Art

Just before K was born, we had the upstairs finished. This means we took what was our attic, and created a big play/family room, a bedroom for the boys, a bathroom, a hobby/guest room and storage area. We moved the boys into their new room the weekend before I headed into the hospital.

While I was pregnant, I created a mural on the then boys wall, knowing S would be moved into this room. I had no idea what I was doing, but I bought a projector and a LOT of house paint and was determined to make it happen. As an active three year old, she LOVES Dora the Explorer. Each day, as I would get a little more done, all three kids would run to the room to see what was painted now, and the boys would eagerly discuss what I would put on their wall, once that room was done. S would even “hug” Boots, once he was painted. Notice it’s like a coloring book in that there are no blended colors…


The boys had a hard time agreeing on what they wanted… Transformers, Star Wars, Tom and Jerry, Batman… the list could go on, as did the boys! However, we finally got them to agree on Ben 10. I was able to get the outline on the wall, but did not get anything painted before K came.

Now, you need to know I had a c-section. I had told myself I would be able to do the painting after she was born… WHO was I kidding??? Not T who said… call April… Why didn’t I think about that before??? I had a great resource at my finger tips, and I didn’t think about it. Sigh.

April James came to my rescue and pulled off a FABULOUS job. Notice there are even blended colors… it’s amazing what you can pull off if you use the right paint! If you want something fun on your child’s wall… check out her web site. She comes highly recommended!

img_4208 img_4217 img_4219


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