Mom to Mom

20 minutes ago this seemed like a good idea… Now, I’m not so sure…

My kidsI am the mom of 4 wonderful, beautiful, God-given children… 2 boys (J & G) and 2 girls (S & K). J, the oldest is 8, G will be five in 2 weeks, S is 3 and K is 6 months. (Why am I not sleeping???)

I have a bunch of friends who are social butterflies… they do well in big groups. I am more like a retriever (or some days a tired old mutt), I find a friend and stick with them… through just about anything… and thus I do much better in one on one situations. I like to sit and really have a conversation with whomever I am talking to.

Thus, my time talking with you today… just us… mom to mom… friend to friend… you with your coffee (or whatever) and me with my tea (or carbonated beverage of choice). I figure we can hang out, I can tell you what I find works, and you can share your thoughts… and we’ll see where that gets us.

My kids seem to NEED Momma Kisses… I am so thankful for that… Tonight, J kept coming back for more… While we had a friend staying with the kids the other night S wanted to make sure I came in and gave her extra kisses on her cheek… G just loves to give kisses out of the blue, and demands “hug and kiss” whenever he is headed for bed… K is just very kissable!

You know… at 37 I still want kisses from my Mom, too… they are a gift. Enjoy them, if you are giving or getting, while you can… it seems like you will always want them… probably more so when you can no longer get them.


2 thoughts on “Mom to Mom

  1. Welcome to our world of blogging! You are already off to a better start than me. Can’t wait to add you to my blog role and check in on your life–daily!

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