By the time each of my kids were 6 months old, I had a nickname for them. I didn’t know how much it really mattered to them until we started talking about what K’s name would be. Honestly, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come up with one for her. The whole time I was pregnant, I thought about it… and thought about it… and thought about it. I should have known God would give me the right name when He was ready.

See, when J was a baby, I called him Boo Bear. He was just so cute and cuddly. When G came along, Booga Boo just popped out of my mouth, and S was Baby Cakes almost from the day she was born. The three of them will talk about their nicknames. They go over who is called what. They talked about what we could call K… but nothing seemed to fit. And usually they were thrown into fits of giggles by the time it was over.

The other day, it just tumbled out and I thought… Ah, there it is… Thank You, Jesus… and when I told the kids, J said “Cool… it’s part of mine and S’s.” Well, sort of. Then they all called her by her nickname and kissed on her some more.

Welcome home, Sugar Bear!


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