Could you hear the water?

Ah the mind of a child…

The boys had gymnastics for the first time today. As much as they run, jump, tumble and otherwise do moves I could not, even at their age, I figured they would be thrilled with the idea. They were less than…

Once they got there, I guess they got more into it, as the instructor informed me they did well. G’s first question to me, as soon as he got out of the door, was “Why haven’t we been to Hawaii?” What???? I should have seen something coming, as both boys had Hawaiian lei’s on their heads. The more we talked, I learned their theme for the day was “Aloha” and they learned about being trustworthy.

We talked about J’s wanting to go to Hawaii, a topic he had to write about over fall break (that’s another topic), and we talked about my parent’s trip to Hawaii. My dad had r&r in Hawaii while in the army. My mom, I believe seven months pregnant with me, flew over to meet him there. I informed G of this being the only time I’ve ever been to Hawaii. He had to contemplate that for a while. After about five minutes of silence he suddenly said, “Could you hear the water?” What???? “While you were in Hawaii in Grandma’s tummy, could you hear the water?” Wow.

You know, we have been to the ocean before. G knows what it is like to listen to the waves kiss the shore and retreat. Are they the same in Hawaii? As the older brother of two, he knows babies can’t see you, but they can hear you… and sometimes they will kick at you to prove it. It is amazing where his mind goes…

As we drove to eat dinner with Daddy, G fell asleep… and his lei fell too…


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