Where is the Hope?

Let me just be honest… Barack Obama is not the great hope of these United States. Barack Obama is not the messiah (that would be Jesus). Barack Obama is not God, not even a god. And yet the press treats him as such. And I heard on Rush Limbaugh’s program that searching for God on one book seller’s site brought Obama’s book up TWICE. Ugh. Here’s a quote from NewsBusters.org’s Mark Finkelstein

NewsBusters reader Shane S. shared this experience:

I was searching for a book I read in college, “God: A Biography.” I searched Barnes & Noble’s website using the book’s title as my search term. The book I was looking for was the first result given. The second result? “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” by the Messiah Himself, Barack Obama.

I tried the experiment myself, and sure enough, it produced the same results. Update: 6:05 PM. Searching for “God: a Biography” no longer leads to the Obama book. You don’t suppose Barnes& Noble reads NewsBusters? But we have the screen capture after the jump, taken this morning, which shows that a search for “God: a Biography” led to The Audacity of Hope.

Not that I think John McCain is all that… honestly there are days I wonder who really would be better. So here’s my question… where are all the honest, upstanding people with a backbone? Who can lead this country in a direction that will NOT drive us into the ground? Who can actually go to D.C. and make changes FOR THE BETTER not just give a good speech and a lot of lip service?

I think people are so afraid of the media hound dogs trying to tear them or their friends and family apart they don’t want anything to do with public life. (Not that I blame them.) And we the public are too content to stand up and demand better behavior out of them… if my kids acted that way they would be corrected, made to apologize and not come out of their room until they could play nice together. Where are their mommas?


3 thoughts on “Where is the Hope?

  1. You are right that Barack is neither the Great Hope nor the Messiah. But we are faced with two choices, and I’ll take someone younger, fresher with a different perspective over a tired old man who looks like every President before him. Barack gets my vote a hundred percent. I’m ready for something different in our country, because the last 8 years haven’t exactly worked.

  2. Actually, he’s only new and fresh because we are not old enough to have heard it before… LBJ, Kennedy and and even Carter… he’s taken things from all of them. LBJ’s Great Society was to provide care for the sick, secure good jobs for the jobless and take care of the environment… but didn’t.

    All I’m saying is that ultimately, it comes down to people taking care of themselves, their family and doing what is right… politics will never work for us… they are trying to rule rather than govern.

    Barack talks a good talk, but doesn’t say anything except the words Hope and Change… what is he changing? How is he changing anything more than any of the others have said they would change?

    This is my frustration! No one is any better than anyone before them… none of them are doing what they SAY they will do.

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