Funny Ball

I am… or was before four kids, an athlete… I don’t play enough of anything to be called such anymore. I would be a lot closer to a weekend warrior than an true athlete… though getting back into shape is one of my goals for 2008… anyway, bunny trail aside, I can appreciate a good game… football, soccer, tennis, racquetball… I enjoy competition.

I’ve played soccer since I was in the 3rd grade. I’ve watched my brother play, some boyfriends, my DH, and my boys play. I can honestly say I’ve never seen the game played this way. I’ve seen guys get competitive over cars… never seen ’em work it out this way. I don’t know what to call this… bumper cars on steroids? Soccer with protection? Maybe just funny ball?

For some reason, clicking on the video is saying it’s no longer avaliable… not true… so if it’s not working for you either… try using this url:


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