Fist Full of Frosting

This shouldn’t happen for another 5 months… but it did.

After the boys had their tutoring this morning I told the birthday boy, G, he could choose where we get lunch. “Me?” Yes, you, my son… Where would a five year old pick??? Ah, yes, those golden arches. Ever popular with the wee ones. I figured, if it’s gotta be, let’s go to one with a play area and let ’em run.

And I called a friend (we’ll call her GR, so as to not be confused with G) to witness the madness with me.

K, sitting in a high chair for the first time… she is working on sitting up now… was very ready for lunch… couldn’t get that squash and turkey blend to her fast enough. Which can be tough when you are trying to get three others to settle down and eat. GR was helping feed K, when J came to sit beside her… and somewhere in there K was ready for more… we quickly discovered how fast she is getting… we were suddenly bathed in squash and turkey from the jar she tried to grab that ended on the floor.

On with lunch. And as a special treat, I brought in some cup cakes for G’s birthday. K was not very happy about being left out of the goodness. I did let her taste, but to have your own, well, that doesn’t happen until your first birthday…

S is such a good big sister… she felt K needed more, and also gave her a big finger full… No, S, she’s had enough… Well, so, did S… and while I turned to say something (it’s lost to me now) to G, S set that cup cake down… and K grabbed it… in a blink she had big fists full of frosting, in her mouth! Oh well… so much for the first birthday…

I bet ol’ Ronald was never so glad to bid someone goodbye.

And her Kung Fu name shall be “Fist Full of Frosting”


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