A momma in good standing

I know where I stand… somewhere between the new computer games and the new car parts!

T got a new game system for Father’s Day and G got one for his birthday… J will get one when he can pay for part of it… the goal of all of this is keeping them busy on long drives… like the 10-12 hrs (depending on how the baby does) to grandma’s coming soon.

All I have heard from the boys today is “Can we play?” No, you played too much this weekend… Ten minutes later, “Can we play now?” I feel like I’m in a phone commercial…

T has ordered new parts for his car… his goal to make it stronger, faster, sound better, more horseys under the hood…(insert your own Tim Allen sound here). All I hear from him is “Did I get a package today?” So when one does come, I text him to let him know… Happy, happy boy!

Now comes the panic… I had a meeting tonight and needed to hit the store first. Rather than taking four kids, I thought I would meet T at work and go with just K. His answer? “NO! I want my car.” He knows he can’t get 4 kids in the back of his car, and did NOT want to take the van. Relax Honey… I’m taking K, you only have three… you CAN keep your car. I came home to find him painting the inside of his grill, to make it look “mean.”

The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, for sure!

Boys gaming, sitting together in my rocker.

T working on his grill.


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