The greatest things ever

For those of you with little ones, let me tell you of some of the best things I have found for them:

1) Bumbo Chair… from the time a little one can hold their own head up, the can sit in this chair. This is very helpful… it gives you a place to put them when they are tired of the swing, not strong enough for the exersaucer and don’t like the bouncers. K can actually sit and watch her siblings, which she loves! She can sit to eat or just play with the tray attachment.

2) Happy Heinie… a home made diaper rash cream mixed with equal parts Desitin, Lotrimin and Neosporin (I use the + Pain relief) with a splash of Maalox (just enough to make it creamy and not stiff). I have dealt with some very rough diaper area issues, and this mixture is the best at helping heal the area.

3) If you are dealing with a colicky baby, Gripe Water works wonder. Here in Nashville I have found it at Wild Oats and the Super Target. (Cheaper at Target!)

4) Thumb… a solution to paint on thumbs or fingers to help kids stop sucking them. I’ve had all four of mine suck their thumbs, and this is the fastest way to help them stop.

That’s what comes to mind right now. Hope it helps!


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