Legacy… something

Legacy is a word that gets tossed about too much these days. People are concerned with what kind of legacy they will leave behind when they stop whatever they are doing… I am of the thought, if you pay attention to what you ARE doing, your legacy will speak for itself.

I thought I would see what the dictionary says an actual legacy is… and here’s what it said… “Legacy, n. something.” Uh… right… I think I knew that. No, I am not kidding… something is all it says. This is a Webster’s Dictionary published in 1980… Dictionary.com says this: anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

I know where I want my legacy to speak loudest… they are resting in the bedrooms right now. I want my legacy to be J, G, S and K to love and worship the Lord my God as their own. I want them to work to make this world a better place, to do good to/for their fellow man. I want them to seek God’s will, purpose and destiny in their lives.

The only way that will happen is for me to do my best as their mom. If I worry about my legacy… then I am not doing the job set in front of me… sort of like the guy who put together the dictionary that doesn’t really define a legacy.


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