Moments with S

I have been working on this for several days… being in my hometown for the first time in eight years, and with people I hadn’t seen in 20, getting my blog written did not come easy. I will work on updating a bit better.

However, I did want to share some of my life with S. My sweet sassy S… she’s only 3, and yet she is so… I’m not sure there’s words…

The other day we were in Grandma’s van when out of the blue she says, “What was that noise?” Dramatic pause… “Oh, I pooted.” Yes, there’s a little girl with big brothers!

Then there is the way she says things… like when we made pancakes for breakfast the other day. When her daddy walked into the kitchen to find her helping me stir, she looked at him with those blue eyes, grinning from ear to ear, “Daddy, we’re makin’ panny-cakes!”

Or, how about this lovely moment in Walmart… K was maybe three months old, I was pushing one of those BIG carts where S and G were strapped into seats, and K was in the car seat on the basket seat. As we are walking the aisles, S started this little sing-song over and over again, “Daddy is a …. man,’ What???

“Daddy is a …. man.” My 3 year old did not just say that!

I kept walking – I’m sure somewhere someone had just turned the heat WAY up!

Then G decides I need his help to interpret what she’s said… in a much louder voice, just in case someone on the OTHER side of WALMART missed it… “She’s saying, ‘DADDY IS A BOOB MAN’!” Uh… yeah… thanks kids.


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