Home, sweet Home

All six of us are back under one roof… yeah! This makes me very happy 😉 I had to drive four hours (my loving parents drove five) to get them and four more to get home today. When we pulled in, my DH had streamers decorating the living room and a pizza picnic on the living room floor to welcome our kids home. Big fun!

The kids had a great time at grandma’s, but Mommy was very ready to have them home (six days is a long time!). It was really fun to watch K’s reaction to seeing the others for the first time today… so sweet. G had lots of kisses for her (when doesn’t he???), J had lots of hugs and sweet S… she wanted to make sure her sister had a good trip home, too. As we were getting ready to leave the parking lot where we met Grandma and Papa, I reached back and tried to turn the dvd player S was watching more towards her… thinking it looked like it was about to fall off of her lap… she said “No, Momma, K needs to watch too.” Yes, she wanted to share her dvd with her little sister… so sweet!

Here’s some pix of our vacation…

Before we left S got herself dressed… and that’s shorts, with both legs through one leg hole

T got his new rims (plus several other new parts)

The boys, J, G and SM. S and SM.

K learns to swing…

At Grandma & Papa’s lake

Welcome Home!


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