TV kills and Tivo rocks

OK, so I admit I am trying to loose those “few extra baby pounds” … still… eight years after my first baby. I have noticed something since we got our lovely Tivo… besides the fact that it is the best way to watch and keep up with any show you might be watching…

I have noticed I watch a lot less commercials. I have noticed I get very irritated when my kids watch commercials. I have noticed I eat a lot less when I don’t watch commercials. When I don’t see all the crap junk they are pushing, I don’t want to eat everything in the house.

And, somehow, I find I am watching less TV… I think it’s because I watch the shows I WANT to watch, and I don’t get pulled into the next 5 shows they are airing. What a concept… maybe I should try turning it off 😉


One thought on “TV kills and Tivo rocks

  1. I love my DVR. I too watch less TV because of it. It’s the greatest unnecessary invention ever.

    Good luck with baby weight. After both kids it took me about 9-10 months before I had lost all my weight. I don’t know why it took me so long, but I definitely didn’t drop it all right away. With Chee I gained 40 lbs during pregnancy, but lost 55. With Ess I gained 40 again .. it took a bit more work to lose all 40 lbs. I can’t imagine how hard it must be after the 4th time!

    Good luck!

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