Migraines and other headaches

I have learned something about my family history I had no idea of… and it took a lot to get here…

I am going to assume you don’t know all the details surrounding K’s birth… for that matter, I probably don’t know them all… I mean I was under the influence of a lot of drugs… don’t worry though, I wasn’t driving!

The short version is this: after having my fourth c-section, while in recovery, I started to hemorrhage… not a fun deal. It took 5 hours, and the blood loss was major… any more and I would have HAD to have a transfusion. As it was, I was able to push through and begin the slow march to rebuilding my supply. While in the hospital, I began to see a funny pattern every where I looked. When I asked the nurse she said, “Oh, you are having a migraine… you need to rest.”

Wow… 37 years and I’d never had one. Fast forward almost 9 months, and suddenly I’ve had 3 in nine months. What is going on?

While talking to my Mom about it, she tells me my great-grandmother got them… as did my great-aunt… oh, and my uncle.. WHAT??? There’s a family history I had no idea about. I talked to my grandmother and found out that my cousin has them, too… big fun.

When I talked to the dr. office, I was told it probably has to do with the drop in my progesterone level during my monthly cycle… Why do I even know what that is??? Because they also think the five miscarriages I have had have to do with this lovely hormone.

Which means while I’m still nursing K, I have to just deal with it. OR I have to stop nursing her (which I don’t plan on doing until she’s a year).

Anyone have any better answers?


One thought on “Migraines and other headaches

  1. Dear…I only had the one pregnancy and birth which was all completely textbook normal. I was at work the day before I gave birth and was only in labor for a little over 8 hours. All this to say that since that day, my body is so screwed up, or should I say different, I sometimes don’t know which end is up so…considering all your body has gone through, it’s totally understandable that you might have a few bumps in the road (or on your head for that matter). Hang in there and and remember that you have 4 wonderful reasons to show you it’s all worth it! (And your doctor is probably right.)

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