School Entitlement

I read a blog last night that I both understand, and yet am very frustrated by. A single mom was ranting about the supplies she had to buy for her kids to go back to school, including things like paper towel. Her point… she didn’t have to provide things like that to her job, why should she have to supply them to the school?

OK, so I understand how maddening it is to have to pay, and pay, and pay and then be asked for more money to support our kids getting an education. I mean, I have four… think of all the hand sanitizer I will be buying!

However, I also understand this: I want my taxes to be low. I am not asking my neighbors who are in their 80s to buy the supplies my kids need for their education. However, this is what school tax does. It asks the community to help pay for my kids, and any other kids in the area, to learn.

This mother also wanted to know why the school didn’t provide this stuff… so I told her.. the problem is School Entitlement. There are people who feel, for whatever reason, this world owes them not only SOMETHING, but EVERYTHING.

I also understand the people down the street who did not come into this country by the proper means do not have the same ideals as I do. They want to break into my house, eat my food, take my medicine, use my water and expect me to pay for it all. This is what all of these government programs are doing. These programs to allow illegal alien’s to get a FREE (yes, they don’t buy the same supplies I do) education, eat a FREE lunch and get FREE medical care, are NOT FREE at all… I pay for them. This working, single mom who is having trouble buying her kids supplies must FIRST buy the supplies of people who don’t belong in this country and who are not trying to become part of this country.

Yes, I told her this… too bad the comment erred out.


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