Baby Talk

So I’m walking through the grocery store today because we DESPERATELY needed me to. (G has asked me every morning for the last week for his “Pop Tarets” to which I have had to tell him we don’t have any… not the answer he wanted to hear.)

Not only did I go today… I went without any children!!! Yea for me. (I know how sad that sounds… when did it be come a thrill to go to the store??? When you can go and not have to tell someone NOT to touch that, then you will understand.)

And I’m walking, looking at the fruit and on over to the cereal. While I am looking at Cheerios I suddenly realized something I did not want to know…

I found myself actually talking out loud… OUT LOUD!!!! I was having a conversation with… MYSELF. Ugh… I have had a non-talking child in the cart so long I don’t even think about talking out loud and not having someone answer… so sad… I have now become the crazy woman you don’t want to be around…

Maybe taking K would have been a good idea…


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