Sleepless in Nashville

I have now had two nights in five days where three of my four kids got me up…

Last Saturday was the worst… S climbed into my bed around 2:30, J came down at 3 to tell me he had thrown up again. S coughing too much, so breathing treatment for her and back into bed at 3:45… K up at 4, J back up at 4:15ish, I got back into bed at 4:45, K back up at 5… T got up with her, she was screaming… which means I can’t sleep… so I get back up at 5:20, and finally into bed about 6. Mom woke me up at 7 to say they were leaving (they had a 9 hr drive ahead of them), I couldn’t even get up to hug them bye.

Then last night K again woke me up… at 3:30, S opened her door about 3:45 to say “I hurt myself” (I can only guess she fell out of bed). I rocked both girls for a bit. S was so tired her head kept sinking lower and lower, so I helped her back to bed. On the way she asked me a question, but I wasn’t sure what I heard, so I repeated it, “You want me to play with you???” No was the answer, restate the question, and again I repeated it, “You want me to lay down with you???” Again the answer was no, “Will you PRAY with me??” I actually got it that time… so we prayed.

As I was praying, I felt another pair of hands that did not belong to either girl. I opened my eyes to “see” (not much seeing in a dark room) G. “Momma, I had a nightmare.” I pulled him into the prayer. Then I kissed his cheek, turned and kissed S, and by the time I turned back around G was up the stairs headed back to bed.

K continued to fight me. I finally had to nurse her to help her settle down and get back to sleep… or not quite asleep, but enough she didn’t cry when I left the room. Back into bed by 4:40… and up at 6:20 to get the boys ready to leave at 7:20 with T.

Ultimately, this is the call of mothers… to love her kids at all times. To nurse them back to health, to comfort when needed, no matter what time it is. No matter how much sleep she looses. To pray over them and protect them. This is what servicing your kids is. This is what parenting is. This is what love is.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Nashville

  1. Do you know the story in the Bible where Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane and the apostles fall asleep while they are waiting for him? They actually do this twice. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I felt deep empathy for the apostles. I just know I would be right there snoring with them. Lack of sleep is so debilitating and makes me really, really crabby. Yes, you are right, this is our call, to sacrifice for our kids. And losing sleep is a big sacrifice in my book! But how cool your child asked you to pray with them.

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