Is God at our House?

This is the question I was asked on our way to pick up the boys today.

“Yes, He is… He’s everywhere. He’s even here in our van,” was my reply to my brilliant three year old, S.

“You know, this is actually a mini-van” was her stoic retort. I think maybe we need to work on staying focused…

We had a great example of this a couple of weeks ago, when S played her first soccer game. She ran really hard, and even scored a goal, for about the first five minutes… Then she pulled her shirt over her head and ran around. Once the adults laughed… well, she did it off and on for the rest of the game… Focus is not a strong suit.


2 thoughts on “Is God at our House?

  1. We have the same focus problems with our son. He can focus forever on something he really likes, but other times he is so scattered. This is such a problem that lately he has taken to yelling at me, “Focus, mom!” Hmmm….I wonder where he hears that.

  2. You know, there IS a big difference between vans and mini-vans! Ha! Sounds like someone has a strong need for “Correct” in her life…

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