To My Door

Yes, to my door! They delivered to my door!

Maybe I should back up a bit… last week we got a flyer in the mail… I don’t usually pay any attention to flyers, but this one caught T’s eye. He handed it to me, “Maybe you should check this out,” he said as I was trying to get the child at my leg a drink.

This, was a web site for a grocery delivery service. I set it aside… I didn’t have time to run to the computer right that second. Sometime over the next couple of days, I pulled that flyer out and pulled up the site ( It took me a bit to figure out where things were… sort of like walking into a grocery store for the first time… what isle do THEY put things in… each one is a little different, but you know the general area for most things.

How nice it was to sit in my house, in the quiet of an evening (ok it actually took me about three different sittings, but they saved my list each time), when children are SLEEPING, and I can THINK about what I need… and rather than writing a list (which I hate doing ‘cuz I either forget it at home or forget it’s in my pocket), I checked boxes, and added quantities. When I was done thinking of what I needed, I had my order ready. Not even once did I hear, “I want that” or “I hate going to the store” or even “I don’t want to ride in the cart,” no not even “I’ll obey you THIS time!”

I placed my order yesterday morning. I did not have to go to the store this morning, since I knew I had placed the order… I got to go work out instead. The best part is they brought it TO ME! When I opened my door to go pick up kids today, I had three big “totes” sitting on my porch. Now, this afternoon was NOT the best time for me to get such a delivery… I have to pick S up at 2:15, the boys up at 3:15 and soccer practices start at 4 and go to 7. I was running late (did I mention I got to go work out??? I also NEEDED a shower) so I headed out the door at 2… and back in the door at 8. I only had time to take the totes inside.

Yes, the milk, veggies, and frozen things sat in the totes on my kitchen floor for 6 hours. When T head this I got the “Now, Honey… that was NOT the best idea” roll of the eyes followed by a stern look, but when he opened the first tote he said, “This is colder than our fridge.” Seriously… the frozen things were more frozen then when I bring them home from the store myself.

OK, this is way long… but I must say, if you have the chance or need, this is a great way to get your shopping done!


3 thoughts on “To My Door

  1. Actually, no… most of the things are the same or even less… like the gallon of milk was a dollar less than I can get it in the store. Now there are somethings that are more… I’ve found the CapriSuns for less than they are offering, so you do have to watch, but over all it was a very good deal… AND they gave a $15 off of $50 or more order since I was new.

  2. I’ve been wondering about that site/service! I figured it’d be crazy-espensive since delivery is “free.” Good to know!

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