Girls Night Out

Even a mom of four can have one once in a while… I got to go with some friends for a Girls Night Out, to a Nashville Predators hockey game a few nights ago… and as always, my kids have to make things “interesting” … or something like that.

The plan was to leave at 4:30, grab the kids some dinner, meet my DH at his office by 5:30, give him 3 of the four, take K with me to meet the others by 6. My mistake, you ask??? I went to the bathroom. I’m quite sure there is a rule, written or unwritten, somewhere, that says a mom can not go near a bathroom until all children are in bed. If she does, the children either 1) must follow her into said bathroom or 2) use the free time to do something they know they should not.

Sweet, sassy S decided number 2 looked too good to pass on. I should have known when I actually had a few moments to myself that I would live to regret laugh at it… eventually.

Upon returning to the living room to begin packing children, diaper bag, juice glasses, homework, shoes, etc into the van, I was greeted by K’s sweet smile… such a joy… oh, man she pulled her hair band out… wait… it’s more than that… What is that??? I spot a bottle of lotion… nope not the right consitancy… then I see it… on the floor in front of the couch… a newly emptied tube of DESITIN!!! Yes, S had finished off the tube in her sister’s hair…

She got a very quick bath, a Dawn shampoo, and we were off to the hockey game… At least we had fun!


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