Life and other crazy things

Yes, life has been crazy here… kids, birthdays to plan, friends and family to enjoy… yep life is good.

My little K is growing up… she turns 1 on Saturday. ONE! Can you believe it? I’m really not sure where the time went… What happened to how slow time went when I was in school and the day would drag on and on? Or the summers that would last FOREVER?

Now I have a husband and kids who make me smile (S just asked me to “take the petals off” of her banana and throw them in the trash!).

The thing I keep thinking about it is how close I walked to the edge of life a year ago. Did I know it at the time… no… morphine kept me from thinking that clear. Was it unnerving? Oh, yeah… especially for my DH! The best he could do was play some computer chess to keep his mind of the fact he had a new born baby, and his wife was bleeding out.

It took about 5 hours to fully stop the hemorrhaging. I had an incredible team of drs., nurses and all taking care of me… and K for that matter. My parents had the other 3… and really didn’t know the extent of what was happening until it was over… which is really a blessing.

Do I know why I walked that path? Not really. I mean, I know why I was bleeding now, but why did God take me down that path… I’ve not gotten any word from Him. I don’t know His plan. All I know is I now have four wonderful kids and I’ve been given the chance to raise them. It is my prayer to be the worthy of that chance. To raise them to serve Him with glory and honor. I know I have a wonderful husband, and I have been given the chance to love him the best I can. I pray I can do so with glory and honor for God. I have been given the best friends ever… and I want to be the best friend I can be for each of them. I have been given the best family ever… I want to be the best I can be for them.

Thank you, Lord, for one more chance.

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2 thoughts on “Life and other crazy things

  1. Beth, I was looking at your facebook and found the link to this blog. It is so encouraging to me that you are a strong Christian sister! I have been on my knees praying for my cousin (who ended up writing me over 5 pages of puke about my “Marriage Cause”) and laying awake at nights trying to get my thoughts and God’s word together for my response. We don’t know God’s ways but we trust in His perfect will. I am so happy that the complications from childbirth were contained to 5 hours and that the outcome is your darling little girl whose turning one! Enjoy your day!

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