A Little Adventure

November is a birthday month for us… as both K and T have birthdays… two days apart! This year, I’m not sure how it came about, but I decided to take T on a trip for his birthday… I had to get around the fact that two days before his birthday is K’s first birthday… not one you can just skip over!

Everything seemed to fall into place, and within a matter of a couple days, I had fight, hotel, Blue Man Group tix and Universal Theme Park tix all paid for and ready to go… and it was still a month out! And it was all going to be a big surprise!

Things were going to be tight, and I knew it, but pieces just fell into place and it was smooth… ‘guess I should have known it couldn’t stay that way…

4:30am… K wakes up… wants to nurse… we are trying to stop, and I’ve been very busy the last couple days, so she’s been with Grandma a lot… all makes for a little girl who want’s some snuggle time with Mommy. Sigh. Back into bed about 5.

6am… G climbs into my bed… “I’ve been throwing up in my bed…” Come to find out, since 2 he’d been getting up, throwing up and Grandma has been taking care of him!!! Yea Grandma… she ROCKS!!!

8:20am… at the dr. office to make sure G doesn’t have strep (vomiting is big for him with strep, which he gets easy) or at least is on the right meds before we leave!

9:45am… just a virus for G, so we are off to Target to pick up K’s cake and T’s cake… should be done by 10, and I needed a couple other things too.

10:10… find out they haven’t even started K’s cake yet… sigh… another 20 minutes to kill, and find out everyone is already at my house.

10:50am… everything seems to settle, back at home, all cakes in hand, party started (wishing I brought the camera so I could put up some pix… will do later). For the most part things went very well. We had a great time with family. K is so durn cute!

12:45pm… tell T we must go get his b-day gift… make him drive, only telling him “head here” or “turn here.” Fun 😉 We board plane and fly to FL for our big fun!

7:30pm… pick up rental car… a Corvette! He’s a HAPPY boy! Plug hotel info in and we are off.

8:15pm… something went wrong, and not quite the right hotel… decide to find place to eat. Meet a great Christian waiter named R… God is funny sometimes!

11:10… finally get to right hotel, check in and up to the room… only to find it looks like someone has been on the bed… and there’s beer bottles in the trash and toilet paper in the toilet…

11:45… finally in a clean room where we will be staying… with free breakfast coupons in hand.

OK… so that’s the first day… I’m very tired… I will write more and post pix later!


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