The Choice Is Up To You

I have been working on this for over a week now… much too long for one little thought!

I used to read these fun books as a kid called “Choose Your Own Adventure.” You would read a page or two and then be presented with two choices (sometimes even three)… Choose A… Turn to page x. Choose B… Turn to page y. Each ending very differently… and if I didn’t like what happened, I would go back and make another choice.

It has become apparent to me that life is nothing if not a choice. And every choice leads to another choice. And even by not choosing… you are making a choice. Really you don’t have a choice about making a choice. Don’t like how things are going in your life? Make another choice… something different than you have been, ‘cuz if you keep choosing the same and expect a different outcome… well that insanity is another blog!

Sometimes people make choices, and they are the WRONG choices. Sometimes you can see that end coming, sometimes it blindsides you. I do have to wonder at the reasons people make their choices… A man I know recently made a choice that rocked his world and that of his family. A friend of mine had coffee with a woman who had $9 to her name. A choice… that’s all it would take to put me in either one of their shoes.


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