Movie Goers

We got to go to a movie – together – for the first time in what feels like years (I know it’s only been a couple of months since we’ve had a true date night, but with four kids, time is multiplied!). After dinner with some new friends, and some running around, just the two of us, we took in a late movie (I’m only good for those about once every 6-12 months), and another one of our friends, TM, (who’s wife is out of town) joined us.

We got in, found some seats and settled back. I asked T where TM was… don’t know was the answer. Previews start… where’s TM? I don’t know… Finally T picks up his phone, and starts to call TM, when he walks in. He starts to tell us what happened, and the movie started…

Two hours and a good movie later, I turned to TM… so you were in the wrong theater? Yes, seems he read the price of the movie, and headed into theater 9 (we were in number 5). He looked around and spotted a couple he thought was us. He slid into the seat next to said female and leans in to give her a hug. She turns to him, eyes bugging out of her head in shock and horror – she does not know this man trying to HUG her!!!! TM suddenly realizes it’s not me and scoots over to the next seat. He turns to the screen… only to find he is in a chick flick instead of the sci fi we were seeing!

Next time someone tries to hug you in a movie… tell him he’s in the wrong theater!


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