I’m NOT Ready

Let me tell you about my afternoon… or rather the picking up of my children from their various classes…

It started with my sweet S… One of her teachers is always by the door to call the children from their play when the parents arrive to pick them up. Today it was Mrs. W. She looked at me with this look… I’m not even sure there are words… somewhere between frustration and laughter… “S was very restless at nap time today.” This does not surprise me, as she is trying VERY hard to never nap again – I mean she is almost 4, which in her mind means something like 40! Mrs. W went on, “So I told her I was very disappointed in her.” Oh no. “Then the school director, Mrs. S, walked in, and S looks at her and says, ‘Mrs. W is very important with me today.”

So off we go to get the boys. Once they are safely tucked into the back of the van, we head home. The conversation that started… oh, I’m not really even sure how it happened. Here’s what I can put together… G announces he found a “seed” and he wants to plant it. Grandma M and I ask what kind… he doesn’t know. Suggestions for the type of seed it may be start flying about the van. S’s suggestion is it could the kind that “grows a person.” Funny. But wait, there’s more:

J, my sweet 3rd grader, begins to tell my 3 year old just why that’s not possible: “You know how we get people, S? When a woman loves a man…” (I am beginning to sweat here) “and they are going to get married…” (I am trying VERY hard not to laugh) “the first time they kiss, his DNA goes into her and finds her DNA. And that’s where we get babies.”

G says, “That’s not right”

J: “I’m in 3rd grade, I know.”

G: “Can we plant the seed?” – Uh… the POPCORN kernel????

img_0735 J, G, and S with the Grinch at Christmas.


3 thoughts on “I’m NOT Ready

  1. They are so funny! I’m not ready either…not at all! Yesterday in the cafeteria a little boy sitting with my daughter & I started chatting about (he spelled it out) s-e-… and I know my face went pale and my blood pressure dropped. I started scanning the room for a paper bag to breathe in!

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