PS vs BS

The kids were watching a video tonight, during which one of the characters prayed a simple prayer. After the “amen” her friend wanted to add something else. She said “P.S.” and added her part.

This sets J’s mind to work. What does “P.S” mean? I do my best to explain it to a child of the computer age. Then he throws me a curb ball – What does “P.S” mean when Daddy used it and he didn’t believe what that guy was saying?

My mind scrambles… and lands on a Christmas shopping trip. We ran into a guy T works with. They start messing with each other as only men can do… At one point T says to his buddy, right in front of J, “B. S.!!”


2 thoughts on “PS vs BS

  1. That’s funny! I don’t even know if I could explain “post script” to someone else. Maybe we should start a movement to change it – in today’s world it should be A.F. (after thought). 🙂

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