Happy Birthday

Today my sweet baby S turns 4! It was just a quick four years ago she came into our lives, our little bundle of active joy.  Have I ever told you about the miracle she is? Yep, I mean she’s only here because God chose to move on her behalf…

It was October 2004, we were half way through our third pregnancy. J was 4 and G was 16 months. We took the boys with us to the ultra sound because we wanted them to “see” their new sibling, and be able to share the excitement of the coming baby. Things were going along smoothly, or so I thought… The technician said something to the effect of “It’s a girl, but we have an issue…” in a few quick seconds we went from excitement to shock.

Long story short, she had too much fluid on her brain. We had three doctors in a week who looked her over and all said the same thing… the ventricles in her brain were too big and would NOT get smaller. The best we could hope for was a shunt would be placed in her head to drain the fluid into her stomach. The worst… well, she wouldn’t make it. I had all three dr.s offer me an abortion. The first dr . was so indignant when I told him no, he asked me why I was even there… uh… to find out what’s wrong with my baby… does that mean I need to kill my child???

We prayed. We asked our friends and family to pray. And I can come up with no other answer than God heard our prayers… and I mean our as in every one who prayed on her behalf. God was gracious to us. Within a week, those ventricles that would NOT reduce… did just that. And within the month, they were completely normal. Our sweet baby girl was born completely healthy… no shunt needed.

All I need to see is that sweet smile to know I have been blessed to hold a miracle.

img_6567 img_6763 img_6743


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. What an amazing testament to God’s love and healing power – what blessings He gives us, through our children! Happy birthday S!!!

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