Moments of Panic

I just had a moment of panic…You know, those 10, 15 or even 30 seconds when all you can do is think of the worst things that could be happening RIGHT NOW… Those things that can be life changing – and NOT in a good way.

I was cleaning the washing machine (it’s been a while, and it was gross… how do clothes get clean like that?) and had been engrossed for probably 15 minutes. I then stepped into the kitchen. I looked through my kitchen window (for those who have not been in my kitchen… there is a window over the sink that over looks the living room sitting area) into the living room and couldn’t find K. “Where is she and what is she into?” ran through my head… as did all the messes a 16 month old can make and I was going to have to clean up…

THEN I remembered… I put her in the play pen, which by the way is UNDER the window and out of my line of sight…

Go ahead, laugh, I am… NOW… 😉



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