Memories of the Road Monkeys

Driving down the interstate today the car ahead of me drifted a little too far to the right. Those little grooves in the road hollered, and he pulled back, but that noise pulled me back about seven years.

J was about two. I was traveling with my Mom to visit her house for a week. That’s a nine hour drive… when you are not traveling with kids. I honestly do not know how long we had been on the road. All I remember for sure is Mom was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat… J was in the back in his car seat, quiet for the moment.

Some how Mom moved a bit too close to those lovely grooves and they hollered at her. J pipes up, “What was that sound?”

“Road noise,” I answered him.

“What?” he questioned again.

“Road noise.”

“Road monkeys?”

Happy Birthday, J! Thanks for 9 years of giggles!


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