Someday I’ll laugh

It’ll probably be when the girls are, say 21 and 24!

Today I thought  I would do something nice for my family. I found some great looking strawberries and thought I would make some strawberry shortcake. I also thought I would make some chicken soup, since it’s been cold.

Once home and everyone settled I started on dinner. As I looked at the directions on the box to make the shortcake, I thought I would double the recipe. I’ve got kids running everywhere and I’m trying to work out in my head what I need to do. One of the the things it called for was 1/2 cup sugar… I can do that one in my sleep. I measured it out and poured it on top of the mix in the bowl… and then read that it was to be set aside for the STRAWBERRIES and that what should have gone into the mix was a total of 6 tablespoons! Ugh! So I did the best I could to pull sugar out and move on.

Once they were in the oven I started cleaning up and trying to move on to dinner. I had changed my mind from soup to baked chicken and was working on a coating. I took two phone calls. I broke up fights. I pulled the shortcakes out of the oven before they were fully burned. I scooted hungry children who had already had TWO snacks out of the kitchen. Oh, but then my night went down hill…

S came into the kitchen with her rain slicker, trying to wipe an unknown white substance off. “K put medicine on my jacket.” Oh? How did she get the medicine? She can’t reach it… I followed S to her room. Here’s what I found:

kmeds kmeds2 kmeds3

Now for the record, the only reason K is laying down is she would not old still for me to take the picture… she wanted to keep putting her hands in her mouth! Yes, I said in her mouth… they were COVERED with Happy Heinie… a home made diaper rash cream mixed with equal parts Desitin, Lotrimin and Neosporin with a splash of Maalox. Not only did she put them in her mouth… she KEPT putting them there.

I cleaned the girls up (and yes, spanked the older for getting into something she should NOT have been in), put K in the play pen and made S sit on the couch. I got back to dinner… and called the Vanderbult Children Nurses Hotline… I just needed to know how concerned I needed to be. The nurse was GREAT! She asked some questions, thought K would be ok, but she also called poison control just to make sure.

All things considered… K is good, all be it a bit greasey. I REALLY am glad they are all sleeping now. Tomorrow WILL be a better day… it has to be!


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