On our trip

Between Nashville and Chattanooga there is a big hill (when you grow up in the Rockies it’s hard to call much else mountains!) you have to drive over. The rocks had to be cleared in order to put the road in. The result is rock walls bordering the interstate. They are very pretty.

Since we’ve had a good bit of rain lately, everything is rather wet. There were several places where the running water created waterfalls on these bordering rocks.

After seeing several of these, J said, “It’s like when Moses struck the rock and brought out the water!”

For dinner on Saturday we went to Medival Times and had a great time! While we were enjoying the dinner knights were participating in their tournament. They also started passing out carnations to the ladies in the audiance. After the first pass of flowers, S really wanted one. Our Yellow Knight, spotted her, and called her “Precious.” The second pass and S was trying to get his attention… to which he responded, “I’ve got something for you.” And she, ever the drama queen, pouted because she didn’t get one.

After one of the tournament games, our Yellow Knight came right up to S, joust in hand, and pointed at her. Tied to the end was a scarf. We pulled it off, and S blew him kisses. When we untied it, it read, “Queen of Love and Beauty.” Very sweet!

Once she got over the idea that it was not a flower, we tied it around her neck, where she proudly wore it the rest of the evening.

As we exited and walked to the van, S was excitedly telling me how much she like the Yellow Knight and all that we did for the evening. Only she wasn’t watching where she was going. “Watch out S. S watch out!” But she didn’t watch out… she ran face first into a pole in the sidewalk. OUCH!

One more thing to top off the weekend: As we were looking for a place to eat breakfast/brunch/lunch, I jumped out of the van and ran into Cracker Barrel to find out there was a 30 minute wait… don’t think so… So back to the van… to find the window in the passenger seat down… when I question T about it he described a “loud noise” that he thought was too much pressure on the window. He tapped the switch to open it a crack… and it went all the way down… and would not come back up. At first it was a horrible grinding sound and then nothing… it would not go up, it would not make any noise. So yes, from Atlanta to Nashville with the window open… I think my hearing is almost back.

And tomorrow I will spend my day, with four kids, in the mechanic’s office…


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