Of Babies, and Baby Powder

I’m not sure how it happened… really. I know Daddy came home… he’s been gone for a week, so everyone was pumped! Kids were running EVERYWHERE… seems more like 10 kids then 4. And loud… wow. We finally got them to listen a bit and go upstairs. Mom, T and I were sitting at the table finishing dinner and talking about all that happened this week.

The S came running in to tell me that G was bleeding. I heard no tears… so I told her to tell him to come talk to me. Pretty soon he did so… and showed me a skinned little toe. I guess he scraped it on the wall (he’s a boy who’s almost six… I don’t ask) and did make it bleed. S, being the “bandaids will fix everything” kind of girl she is, ran to get him a bandage.

With that ordeal out of the way, T went outside to look at the places we had two trees removed from. Mom and I were still talking and the kids were off playing. Then S begins to say something about baby medicine  and K playing in it. I really wasn’t paying attention, but it started to sink in. Grandma began to repete S to make sure she understood what she was saying. At the same time I turned to mom… “Do I smell baby powder?” We got up and went to the hall.


Then we went a little deeper.


Then we rounded the corner.


Oh, yeah… that’s big fun to clean. And so are the covered children.

IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0222

Apparently, when S got the bandages, she handed K the baby powder. K quickly discovered it was lots of fun to dump on the floor. Grandma, T, the boys and I discovered it’s not so much fun to clean. I am sure the house will smell like baby powder for weeks on end… maybe that’s not a bad thing when people come to see the house???


4 thoughts on “Of Babies, and Baby Powder

  1. Oh my word! That’s crazy… I’m so glad you paused to take a picture and share it with us. 🙂

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