Man’s rules

Have you learned yet that people don’t like it when you do things differently then they do? That if you don’t play by man’s rules, they make the game much harder on you?

Where money is concerned, we don’t play by man’s rules. We live debt free… this means we don’t use a credit card… we don’t have any store cards. We no longer have a house payment… though that will change when this house buying process is over. (But we will not keep it the full 15 years…)

Have you ever thought about the control of your life you give someone when you take money from them? Have you ever noticed someones reaction to giving you money? Suddenly they have a say in the things you do with your life. Especially if it’s a family member who loaned you money. Then suddenly they have all kinds of things to say about what you are doing… or at the very least you feel like they are.

Do you know what God says about borrowing money? If you take money from someone, you basically become their slave (Proverbs 22:7). I would much prefer to be a slave to no one. Maybe that’s my independent, WY, maverick spirit, but I really don’t like anyone telling me what I can or can’t do. There are a few people I choose to put myself under, but that is my CHOICE… There is a HUGE difference between having guidance and being a slave.

What choice are you making?


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