It’s been over a month since my last post… wow!  I knew it had been a while, but I really had no idea. I think I’ve been a bit distracted by this whole move. Now things are starting to slow down and be more “normal” – whatever that is! I’m hoping in a couple more weeks we’ll actually have the build-ins in the closets done, and kids clothes out of boxes!

Honestly, there’s so much that’s been done and said, I can remember very little of it… I call it pregnancy brain… Did you know that pregnancy kills brain cells? I’m a firm believer, and I’ve been pregnant 10 times now… I have very few left!!!

So, that being said, here is the one thing that really stands out to me this week: S was in her pre-k class… she’s been having some issues with NOT following directions from her teacher. She’s so very independent… I have to keep telling myself this IS a good thing. Case in point: while the class was all busy drawing pictures of their houses. S got up, and headed toward the door. Mrs. D asked her where she was going. “I’ll be right back, I’ve just got to run into Franklin for a bit.” Mrs. D told her she needed to sit down. “I said I’ll be right back, I promise. I’ve just got to go look at my house for a minute.” She’s four, how do you argue with that?

S eating frosting while decorating a cake.
S eating frosting while decorating a cake.

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