How do I love thee?

Love is a funny thing… one of those very hard to pin down kind of things – like Jell-O. What really says, “I love you” to you? What do you need to feel like you are taken care of? If you’ve read the books, what is your “Love Language“?

Companionship is big for T. This means several things to us… rock climbing, laughing together and watching B Sci-fi movies or TV shows. When we have not had enough time together (we did just have our 5th child, and the holidays, and so much going on at his office… you know, life) he’ll say things like “I don’t feel married any more.” Ugh… that’s a tough one to swallow.

For my kids, they are still developing and learning their own needs, so they really need some of each. However, I can tell my girls are feeling they are not getting enough of Mommy’s time… also a tough one to swallow. Two year old K has been greeting me each morning with “Mommy, I need you.” Her little heart does not understand that EVERYONE needs Mommy, all she knows is that Mommy has not been as available as she once was.

There is a balance somewhere… there has to be. One of my goals for this year is to find it… not just for me, but for my whole family. I need to speak personally, deeply to each of these God given gifts, of my love for them. Not just as a group, but as the individual they are… T, J, G, S, K and A… That is a deep river I must swim. One I dare not swim alone.

See, they are God given. Without seeking God first, I will NEVER be able to love them in a way that will speak to their hearts… there is not enough of me to go around. But God can multiply in ways we can not understand, and with Him, with Him only, I will be able to truly love all those He has placed in my life.

And this book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman,  is a good way to begin to understand all they are asking of me.


3 thoughts on “How do I love thee?

  1. thanks, beth….i needed to hear that and be reminded to do the same. they are blessings and i neglect them more than i realize. it breaks my heart to think that they aren’t having their needs met. i need to quit worrying so much about myself and give more to God and my three beautiful boys. thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This blog really moved me, Beth. I think what you do as a full-time wife and mother is beautiful. I love your spirit about the whole thing. You seem to truly enjoy your responsibilities and live in the moment. Your husband and children are blessed to have you in their lives.

    In a world where we’re always grasping and trying to get more than what we already have, you have a beautiful contentment and peace about you. What you’re trying to get more of is simply more excellence in what you’ve been given to do.

    I’m taking notes! One of these days I might have my own family and I want to have the same desire to enrich their lives and the same contentment and peace. Love you!

  3. My sweet friend, this is beautiful, heart-grinching/warming, sincere, and inspiring. Thank you for raising the bar and reminding me that in seeking Him first and always, I will be what I’m needed to be, to my children, to myself, and to those around me. Love you!

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