The Doghouse

If you haven’t seen it…

It’s a pretty funny video JC Penney‘s marketing team put together to express the way many women feel: Most men are funny practical people… Most women are not. At least not when it comes matters of the heart. When a man wants to say, “I love you,” he wants to lighten his woman’s load, make the things she needs to do easier. In order to hear “I love you,” a woman wants to know that her man finds her desirable and beautiful.

It’s pretty crazy how different each of us says the same thing. And how trying to tell someone anything in a manner they find offensive will get you into trouble so fast it will make your head spin. Personally, I like dates to be recognized: Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. T likes to make a big deal over people when it strikes him… not because the calendar says it’s time to do so. Translation? When we first got married, he went shopping for my Christmas gift on December 24th. What did he come home with… well, I’ll give him credit, it was not a vacuum cleaner… it was a pair of red and white, fussy, soccer ball slippers, and a promise to go shopping after Christmas.

A couple years ago he came home with a gift for me… a sapphire and diamond ring… and it was not a holiday, he just wanted to do it. So very sweet. However, this is an area I need to work on… I under react. I am working on making sure to do gifts for him all through out the year, as gifts is one of his Love Languages.

Now, he has learned to do much better. Last year for Valentines Day he took me to the jewelry store and together we picked out a beautiful set. He amazes me, and for the most part, keeps himself out of the doghouse. No, it does not always need to be jewelry (but that’s nice!)… just some way to whisper to a woman how beautiful she is to you.


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