God in a Box

I have all these thoughts tumbling around in my brain… and hope I can make something out of them. If not, well, maybe I can mess with your head a little 😉 Here goes:

God is not one to fit in a box. You can not draw a line around Him and say this is God and this is how He does things. He is simply too big for that. He is a God of creativity… look at the world around you… is every flower blue? Is every sun set orange? Is every fish gray? Or every leaf straight? Or every snowflake the same?

He doesn’t even do the same thing the same way… like with Moses getting water out of the rock… one time he is supposed strike the rock (Exodus 17:3-7), but the next time he gets in trouble for striking the rock (Numbers 20:7-12). What??? Yep. The first time God told him to strike the rock, the second time He said to speak to the rock, only Moses struck it twice, and was not allowed to take the people he had been leading into the promised land.

I was reading about the Tabernacle (Exodus 26:1-27:21). Have you read about it? No, I mean REALLY read it? The detail that God put in there is amazing. What material, how long, how many curtains, what colors… amazing! This is the same God who orchestrated your life… with the same, or MORE details!

Here’s another thought… there are two views of God… 1)  He gives you a life, and like an iPhone map, it has point A and point B and a line connecting them, then He just watches. There’s no one talking to you. If you want to see a closer picture, you have to work for it… there is no communication. Or, in my opinion, a better view is 2) He is more like my GPS in that there is a point A and point B, but you never see both points. You get one step at a time, and once that step is made, then you get instructions for your next step. Should you stray from the path set before you, you get a “recalculating” and another path is set before you, one that will still get you to the end destination. Isn’t that what He did with Moses? He recalculated, the people got to go in, but for his lack of trust, Moses did not. OUCH.

Recording artist Francesca Battistelli (along with co-writer Jeff Pardo) puts it this way in her song “Unpredictable” :

Help me see that I’m small
That I can’t know it all
‘Cause You’re so unpredictable

Can’t wrap my mind around You
Can’t put You in a box
Can’t keep You safely contained
You’re gonna move the way
You wanna move today
Just let me follow along

What box have you tried to pack God in? I can guaranty it’s not big enough. Maybe, just maybe, if you let Him out, He will blow your mind. Matthew 7:11 says, He will give good gifts to those who ask… is the box you have Him keeping you from asking? Or is it keeping Him from fully answering? Maybe, if you let Him out of the box, you would, as the Psalm says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Follow along and get a taste of something truly good!


2 thoughts on “God in a Box

  1. “… God is like a GPS…” LOVE IT!!! Great anology yet so very true. Small or big steps, it doesn’t matter, it’s just the next step. I’m thankful too that when I think I have a better way or even a short cut way, He provides a “re-calculating”… I’m sure He’s provided those for me more than the average “Joe”…

    … perhaps not. 🙂

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