New Hope for Haiti

New Hope Academy (our kids’ school) was asked to sing in a song that will benefit Haiti. That means 200 students were bused to a local recording studio where they spent 2 hours singing the same lines over and over… along with a few minor word changes here and there.

I understand the song will be available on iTunes. I’ll let you know more as I do. I am so proud our kids have been able to take part in this act of giving from Music City, USA to the people of Haiti.

Here’s one of the pictures J’s teacher sent… plus some video that ran on our news today:

WKRN’s video

WSMV’s news story

Here’s WSMV’s video, and you can see S a couple of times… well, her ear in a close up of a boy, and on the front row… you can also see her in the picture below.


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