Working on a Mitzvot

What’s a mitzvot? Our pastor has issued our church a challenge and defines mitzvot as a task one voluntarily undertakes in order to experience a spiritual change. He is encouraging each person to undertake this challenge.

So, technically, we have been discussing this for several years. This past year, T has been working with others to really make this happen. This year will see ink to our dreams, a God given challenge we walk together. Our hearts beat with God’s heart for the parentless children of this world. Somehow, some way we want to be able to wrap our arms around each one as we do each of our own children.

I know, not physically possible.

Then this idea began to grow in T’s mind… I’m a little slower to catch the vision… but I do catch it. Oh, the places this could go… God is big enough…

Now go check out the fruit of all that has been going on…


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