Big Enough

How big is your god? Mine is Big Enough. He’s big enough to cover my sins. He’s big enough to heal a broken heart. He’s big enough to help with finances. He’s big enough to teach lessons. He’s big enough to move the mountains that stand in your way. He’s big enough to frustrate the plans of those who mean evil.

What does this mean in the real world? It means He can heal an unborn child, or a very sick child, when the drs say no way. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve been walking in the middle of the Grand Canyon, and not fallen.

And yet, there are times when it gets dark. When it’s so very hard to see Him anywhere. When things feel so out of control and there’s just no way for anything good to happen. I know that darkness of the soul. I know that pain. Life is messy, and any clean up is an impossible job. Impossible. Unable to be done, performed, effected. Incapable of being true. Not to be done or endured, with any degree of reason or propriety. Utterly impracticable. Hopelessly unsuitable.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard
Impossible is not a word
It’s just a reason for someone not to try

That’s a lyric from a song by Kutless, “What Faith Can Do.” See, when it’s so dark you can not see, faith is a light turned on. It may only be a match light, in all of that darkness, but it’s a light. It’s hope. It’s a breath of fresh air. Why?

Because God is Big Enough.


2 thoughts on “Big Enough

  1. Yes He IS!!! Love this! I’ve actually been working on a piece with that very song in mind, “What Faith Can Do”. Thank you for sharing and sending a gentle reminder!

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